Protection for your enterprise, for you and for your employees.

Who is IRMA?

Integrated Resource Management Applications is your digital compliance assistant - worldwide. 


Compliance Management 4.0

As a general manager, C-level executive, vice president or person responsible for subdivisions and delegated duties, you are personally liable for your company's compliance, especially under criminal law.   

Conventional approaches and structures are not sufficient to cope with the current tightening of sanctions.

IRMA ensures compliance - simple, efficient, integrated.  

Compliance is not an option, but an obligation.

With IRMA you are taking an innovative technological path in the field of compliance management and company administration - Legal-Tech 4.0.

IRMA captures the entire business activities of companies in one integrated system and, thanks to its completely new data model, acts as a digital compliance assistant for stakeholders inside and outside the company, protects against cost overruns and impending personal liability - worldwide.   

IRMA is scalable and is interesting for all entrepreneurs, from sole proprietors to corporate groups.

Digital transformation with IRMA closes the gap between state-of-the-art production and fissured administrative IT.   
IRMA meets the requirements.

  • Internal control systems (incl. tax CMS) 
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Association sanction law – (Verbandsanktionsgesetz)
  • Supply Chain Act (Lieferkettengesetz) 
  • Permananet Establishments
  • Wage and Income Tax 
  • DAC6
  • EU data protection regulations
  • GOBD 
  • foreign compliance requirements  

IRMA - Compliance at every level

Visualization of structures

Customized functionality

With IRMA's core, you build transparent and coherent compliance systems and successfully implement customized processing structures. 

IRMA's flexibility allows you to adapt to the specific requirements of your industry and of your company.

Features + Functions

IRMA's algorithm allows you to natively integrate all your enterprise data in one resource:

  • capture where the work is being done for your company 
  • record all contracts in extensive supply chains 
  • store all relevant documents in one integrated DMS 
  • receive reliable information in real time
  • integrate data from existing IT toolsets
  • avoid duplication and reworking 
  • stay in your proven workflow 
  • save time and money  

Get started 
- with IRMA  

Classically reactive control systems only take action when risks arise. They reach the limits of know-how and resources due to the dynamically increasing complexity of risks.

Expect increasing requirements of the authorities and the associated expansion of national and international governance reviews, which must be supported by technology. 

Decide for a forward-looking, proactive approach: IRMA computes the business environment from all collected data in real time and fully adapts your company to it even before the risks are reached. 

IRMA  assists

  • state institutions
  • Supervisory Boards
  • Company management
  • Company departments
  • operating companies
  • Audit firms
  • Consulting company
  • Asset management companies
  • All those who are threatened with legal liability